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Hi, my name is  Alicia Rose. I am an Author, Columnist and Reviewer, who also has online business experience. I enjoy writing about what I know, interested in, or have learned.

My current vocational self-employed journey began after I was laid off from what most would consider a steady ordinary office job in the Health Insurance Industry (mid November 2008, after the Presidential Election). It was a shock to be laid off right before Thanksgiving. The company I worked for was huge, had mutiple branches domestically and internationally. No one in our Oklahoma City branch foresaw this huge business shrink to the extent it did. Granted I was not alone for thousands of us in this industry at the end of 2008 lost their employment for "down-sizing" or closure reasons.  I will never forget how being laid off felt like, the worst. This taught me a very valuable lesson. Being employed by someone else does not guarantee "set for life."

Like many at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, I tried to find work, but the cold hard fact was businesses were unable to hire everyone due to the huge lay offs. There were not enough jobs to go around, so companies were more selective. This was a very discouraging time in my life. I had exemplary office skills, but my fields of expertise (industries I had work experience in) were shrinking so I had to apply for work in other industries. This meant I suddenly had no experience in the positions I was applying for, and those interviewing were less inclined to hire me even though I was very willing to learn, start at the bottom.

By March 2009, I realized finding work was not going to occur right away. So with as much courage as I could muster, I began looking into how to become self-employed with no money to invest. I had planned when I retired to become a published author, but being out of work, I decided it was time to begin this dream for I needed something positive to focus on while still going on job interviews. My husband, as frustrated as I regarding my lack of employment, also suggested I find at-home work online. He had heard from a friend how a family member had found this lucrative. He thought I could do this too. The way he described this type of work seemed worthy of looking into, so I began investigating online opportunities. I had goals to accomplish: get an income as well as become a published author.

The Internet opened vast resources and opportunities. Suddenly I could see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. The more I learned and applied, the better being self-employed I became. Today, I am grateful for following my successful self-employed American Dream. This journey has been amazing and life enhancing. I have learned much in this great vocational adventure including no matter what have a never quit attitude, be willing to learn new things plus applying unswervingly proper time management skills is a must!

Enjoy today! :D
History of Alicia’s online only bookstore and her official author’s website
Alicia Rose: Author Book Signings & Tour Events

January 2017 Alicia's first official book signing tour was held in the great state of Texas. In one week she completed whistle stops (by invitation only for those who attended) to sign copies of Just Alex and read selected selections in  Whitchita Falls, Haskell, Snyder, Andrews, Sweetwater, Baird, and Decatur. Alicia enjoyed her time in Texas very much, and was delighted to find out she has a large readership from this friendly state. All who attended had a wonderful time!

Third book signing, June 2015: A married couple who are friends of Alicia’s hosted an informal private book signing at their home in Templeton, California. Her hosts were the best, and of course made certain she signed their copy of Just Alex. Alicia appreciated greatly all her hosts did on her behalf as well as spending time with all who attended. Everyone had a delightful time!

Second book signing, November 2010: Alicia was hosted as the Author of the Day at Hastings, Ada, Oklahoma. Alicia enjoyed this book signing. She was the only author present; the star attraction. Alicia liked interacting with those who love to read. She admitted having fun autographing for those who purchased Just Alex.

First book signing, May 2010: Alicia attended her first multiple author book signing event at Full Circle Bookstore, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She made two fabulous author friends and found book signings were a fabulous method for networking in her field.

Alicia enjoys spending time with readers at book signings. It is a great way to meet with the public. She is always appreciative for all who take the time to meet her at them.

At this time, there are no book signings or author tours scheduled.
Alicia’s Bookstore and more formerly Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore was founded February 12, 2011. On February 19, 2012, in celebration of the store’s 3 year anniversary and after great consideration, Alicia decided it was best to have both website and domain with the same host. Her online-only bookstore’s name, URL and domain name was changed in order to accomplish this feat.

In January 2012, she found search engines preferred and checked for this plus looked to make certain one’s domain was good for a minimum of 2 years as proof the business was a stable entity online. This meant annual domain subscriptions put websites at a disadvantage. Alicia after serious researching found cooperating was both economical and better for her online-only bookstore.  By the end of January, Alicia’s Bookstore and more became published completely via the same website host for it made the best sense from a practical business and monetary point of view. Alicia chose at that time Weebly, because it was the most economical for her small business budget; someone with a tiny budget.

From the rest of 2012 until Summer of 2015, all was well with Alicia's Bookstore and more. Many enjoyed this online only bookstore and the variety of books (in just about every genre) it gifted 24/7. Even though it was a one woman operation (Alicia managed all aspects of it), this bookstore was successful and generated a modest profit thanks to the large volume of loyal visitors (customers) it received.

August 31, 2015 Alicia’s Bookstore and more website was unpublished. Alicia decided after reviewing a FCC regulation effective September 1, 2015 to change the direction she was going; focus more on her writing. It was no longer economically feasible to continue the online only bookstore, the regulation made it cheaper to have the bookstore offline, but in so doing would have taken too much time away from Alicia’s first love, writing as an Author, Columnist and Reviewer.

August 31, 2015 (same day) Alicia published her new official Author’s website Alicia Rose Shares.
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