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Once being laid off in November 2008, I have learned a lot about making money online. My money making journey was challenging for I was an online-dummy when I first began searching online the diverse ways to make a real online income. It was very difficult to know which were legitimate as well as which were not. My goal at first in 2008 was to establish a true online income that would equal the same or be greater than the income I had been making for years as an employee in the Health Insurance field. I was determined to succeed in a self-employment online setting; never to be laid off again.

At first, I had a very low (tiny) budget to work with, and was surprised by how expensive numerous online business opportunities were. I did not have the $300 plus the more expensive programs required as a “start up fee.” These high cost models made it seem the more you paid into an online money making model, the more you would make. WRONG! Do not fall for this! There are free money making opportunities and small cost ones that are just as effective or superior to the high cost programs. Staying within your online business budget for making money online is the best way to become successful. Do not worry about turning a model down, either it will still be there later when you are ready for it, or the opportunity will fade away like many have. It is surprising how many online businesses in the start-up phase do not make it, just like in the offline world with brick and mortar. Always keep in mind there are NEVER a guarantee of a business lasting in the world of business (online and off), all is at risk. Most businesses are fortunate to last 25 to 50 years. Those who have lasted longer like Ford Motor Company and Whataburger, I congratulate them on beating the odds!

The truth is what you do not know how to do can become very expensive for you online. Hiring others to do what needs to get done is possible, but VERY expensive! The more you learn about online business, tools, website creation, SEO, etc. the better you can protect yourself and your profit. The high cost models for making money online primarily work for the top 2% because they have a lot of money to burn. These programs are not designed for the struggling penny watching 98% that use the Internet. It is possible to develop good income sources online by finding opportunities that fit your current budget, interests, lifestyle, ethics and personality. Each opportunity has its own set of products or services (or both). My recommendation is to budget for your online self-employment what you can afford to lose. Keep your starting costs low; $5 – $200 monthly is doable for starting a successful online opportunity.

The following list of money making opportunities are currently working for me. These are legitimate; will pay if you follow their program model. They are moderate, low or no cost. Some you can join for free to look around their website to make certain it is right for you. Just click on the titles to consider them. I left instructions as needed for ease of sign up per opportunity. I made certain those listed below were affordable without spending a fortune to join and get started before I participated. These models I am currently comfortable sharing with others, know everyone will be treated well and honestly. You may sign up for one, two, three or all of them (your choice, your decision). Each has its own set of advantages. They are listed alphabetically to prevent favoritism. Happy to help with your greater success online; enjoy the journey!

1.  APSense: This is a business social network website with an Affiliate Program as part of the package. It is a great way to promote and grow one’s business while getting paid for signing up others. This site teaches business social networking which is very important to learn; great for the new or seasoned online business owner or those with blog/professional websites. The Basic membership is free and gifts a lot.

2. CashCrate : Make money online right away by completing offers, taking surveys and shopping online. This is great for beginners, because it is 100% free to join and participate, plus the tasks completed quickly generate cash in your account without you having to wait for referrals to sign up. My recommendation, even though you can generate quite a stash by participation, is to share the referral link given in a social media setting like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog, etc. in order to reap optimum cash generation results with this website. Like InboxDollars, a great place to start making money online.

3.  InboxDollars: “The online rewards club that pays” (their slogan), is a great starting point for someone with no or very little money. InboxDollars was one of my online starting points and ended up my safe go back to place for making money online. This website taught me a lot I truly needed to know. InboxDollars has a diversity of things to do which includes being paid to: complete surveys, search with InboxDollars Search Tool, read emails, play games, watch videos or Inbox TV, and accomplish “cash tasks.” You get paid via check in the mail. Their checks have always been good, deposited well. I love receiving mine! Everyone begins as a regular member, and through participation has the opportunity to grow into a Gold Member. The Gold Membership’s added benefits make it worthwhile. InboxDollars encourages participants to refer others, but you do not have to in order to get paid for your participation. This is 100% free to join and participate.

4.  We Share Success (WSS) : An honest and reliable company that wants to globally share its success with others. 100% FREE to join. Perfect for those just starting out on the Internet, who are unsure where to begin. Great for all levels of online entrepreneurs. As one of the Co-Founders I highly recommend taking advantage of what We Share Success offers. I see it as a win-win for those participating.

Thank you for considering joining me in these excellent opportunities. I look forward to helping many in each of them. My invitation to you in these great opportunities has no expiration date. I have made recommendations so no one says, “Why did you not tell me?” as well as do my utmost keep this page evergreen and up to date. Take all the time you need to review these, make certain what you join is affordable and right for you.

All the best in your online journey brimming with opportunity and much success!

Free (from reputable sources):

PERFECTSEARCH : Safest Web Search, part of the Unicorn Network which is very safe, secure and 100% free to use. Rewarded for using. Works similar, yet in my opinion safer to use, than Bing. I use this search engine as well as the one Inbox Dollars has, because I love being rewarded for using when I am doing research via online.

Special note: For those who join We Share Success, you are able to use PERFECTSEARCH with your We Share Success log in. We Share Success is also a part of the Unicorn Network.

Economical (from reliable sources):

Cashback Marketing : This is great if you need high quality marketing that is affordable, budget-able, for your online business ventures, plus Cashback Marketing  pays daily cash back to you with purchase of Marketing Units and after placing the purchased units into the Global Marketing Pool. Free to join. I highly recommend this for those who are not familiar with marketing, but know they need marketing for their business to grow as well as for the savvy intermediate and advanced online entrepreneurs.

Another Special Note: Cashback Marketing is also a part of the Unicorn Network like PerfectSearch and We Share Success. All sites within this network have much to offer members of the Unicorn Network. If you join Cashback Marketing, you automatically have membership and log in access to the entire Unicorn Network which includes PerfectSearch and We Share Success.

Weebly : Has free websites (great for someone just starting out, especially if watching the penny's ). If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Internet user, highly recommend Weebly. This company has great support who is willing to teach. Weebly has Starter, Pro and Business packages for Personal and Professional domains, website, plus e-commerce (online stores). Free domains included in the Starter, Pro and Business website packages pricing. They also have available create your own newsletter and email promotion services.

Note: This page is revised as I deem necessary. I refuse to share anything on Alicia Rose Online that does not work for me for any reason including a change in payment processor used (like PayPal, SolidTrust Pay, etc.) to one I do not have an account, or is not reliable, honest and trustworthy from my personal experience with the website, its owner, organization or the company represented. If a link to a website becomes invalid, I will update to a current link or delete entire content regarding the URL. It depends upon circumstance surrounding the link to the specific website. My brand as Alicia Rose is extremely protected by me, which includes the integrity associated with it.

Great online tools, services and products!